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323 Clifford House 7-9 Clifford Street, York, York YO1 9RA

There’s a whole world of craft brewing to be discovered within and around the beautiful scenery of Yorkshire, and now you can take a tour of three different breweries depending on your tour day, sampling some of their finest along the way, with this Beer Lovers Tour of Yorkshire Breweries for one.

The only bus tour that visits UK breweries, Brewtown know their stuff when it comes to independent breweries and small-scale beer production. Setting out from York or Leeds you’ll take a tour of some of the area’s finest microbreweries selected by the Brewtown experts to give you an intriguing insight into the world of hops, fermenting and more than a handful of carefully brewed beers, lagers and ales.

You’ll meet the brewers, hear their stories and learn all about the beer-making process, before the all-important sampling of around four small-batch beers at each brewery so the brewers can properly demonstrate what true drinks craft is. Visit York brewers on Tuesday to Friday, or Leeds brewers on a Saturday, and prepare to enter a boozy world that excels in the personal touch.

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