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The Delegate Wranglers

The Delegate Wranglers is the daily go-to check in for events
professionals! A community of over 21,000 engaged event professionals who
collaborate to win business, look for peer recommendations and solve common
problems. Join us and be a part of the industry’s most engaged and positive
community today.

Since launching as a Facebook community in 2014, the Delegate Wranglers has since grown organically over the last few years and is now widely considered as the industry’s most engaged community, with current membership numbers approaching 22,000 and growing by around approximately 400 event professionals each month. The group is widely known and respected, offering event professionals the opportunity to connect, gain business, seek opportunities, find jobs, meet up for networking events and ultimately helping them to develop their businesses and increase their business network. It is a strictly business community and thrives on positivity, collaboration and support.