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Time Games

Escher House, 116 Cardigan Road, Leeds. LS6 3BJ
  • Escape Games and puzzle hunts for 1 to 1000 people.
  • Bepoke games and challenges for Team-building, creativity, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Off the shelf themes include Sustainability, Creativity, Team Workout, Communication.
  • Crime scene, forensics and police procedurals designed around your team and premises.
  • 30 minutes to 48 hours – competitive, collaborative, motivating, and immersive.
  • Ice-breakers – give us 45 minutes with your delegates, and we’ll give you a team that’s raring to go.
  • Home of The Original Brain Box – a table-top challenge for teams of up to six – one kit, unlimited downloadable games.
  • Always happy to discuss your ideas, and see how our puzzles with purpose can help you achieve your training and team-building goals.
  • Catering for different learning styles, physical abilities and learning abilities is our pleasure. No-one gets left out.
  • We also provide full Escape Room design & build for your venue, specializing in portable games that can be packed away when needed. Five tested scenarios ready to install.
  • Why not be the first hotel in the UK with an escape room?

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