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The University of Salford at MediaCityUK

The University of Salford, Conference Office, Humphrey Booth House, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT

The University of Salford at MediaCityUK is at the heart of the UK’s media and digital industries. It is a space designed to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration between academics, students, professionals and industry.
With a combination of state-of-the-art conference, meeting and creative studio space- including TV studios, green screen and radio studios- we can provide a balance of creativity and functionality to any event.
The studio spaces could be a great addition to your event – film interviews with your guests or even broadcast your event live as it happens.
As part of our ongoing vision to produce highly employable graduates, by making use of these studios you will have access to our undergraduate and postgraduate students (fully supervised by University of Salford staff and technicians) who will be there to support your project. This could be from simple work shadowing to filming, direction and producing.

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