IVR 2020 Exhibitor Ts & Cs - CHS Events

IVR 2020 Exhibitor Ts & Cs

Terms and Conditions – Independent Venue Roadshow


  1. Application for exhibition space must be made on the organiser’s official booking form. Until the completed booking form has been received and accepted by the organiser, the organiser has the right, without giving notice to the exhibitor, to reallocate the space to another exhibitor rendering the booking null and void.
  1. Each venue will pay the stated amount for one person to attend the activities. One additional person may be allowed to attend the Independent Venue Roadshow Event at an additional cost of £35+VAT per event which must be invoiced for and settled prior to the event date.
  1. The programme will include up to 20 venues at each event, and member venues must participate in the entire programme.
  1. CHS Group do their best to secure special rates for exhibitors at the host venues, however this is not always possible. Members will be informed when special rates are available and how to book, and if not alternative accommodation suggestions will be provided. It is the responsibility of the members to book their accommodation within the guidelines offered.
  1. Members’ details will be added to a directory to be handed to the visitors at each event. Members can list up to two contacts with email/phone details. Members have the right to send different people to each event.
  2. CHS Group reserve the right, where necessary, to alter the date, location and timings of any event, with reasonable notice to the members.
  3. CHS Group reserves the right to change the format of each roadshow event.
  4. Where two venues are represented via a shared membership, the 10 minute time slot remains the same and both venues must prepare a presentation that will suit the time allowed.
  5. CHS Group recruit pre-qualified event buyers (agency / venue finders / corporates) that you will meet over three events/a 12 month period in a 1-2-1 meeting environment.
  6. CHS Group reserves the right to alter these Terms & Conditions at any time with reasonable notice to members and within reasonable guidelines.

Payment & Cancellation:

  1. Invoices must be settled in full within 30 days of issue. Where a split invoice is offered it is the responsibility of the member to communicate Purchase Order details for each invoice. By accepting a split invoice members agree to settle the second invoice without question.
  2. Cancellations can only be accepted prior to the first event in the series.  Cancellations received after the first event will be subject to the full cost of the programme.